About Algabrew

Algabrew is a leading producer & supplier headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu dealing with Indian premium spirulina products. We are the largest distributors of Spirulina products to a wide range of industrial sectors namely- food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical/nutraceuticals, personal care, wellness, beverages and spa.

Our specialty

Algabrew procures spirulina from the commercial farmers who are involved in the production of Spirulina as per our directives with Organic certification by Control Union Product produced and processes as per EU regulation to authenticate the quality and to imbibe the trust in our buyers. We are strongly committed towards maintaining a greener planet and a healthy environment. Our products include spirulina powder, spirulina capsule, spirulina nibs etc.,The production and the manufacturing processes are principled and hence the product is genuine making it worthwhile for the retailers. Algabrew has IN-BIO-149 Non EU Agriculture certification to not only ensure the quality aspects but also food safety.

The spirulina (Surul pasi) is grown in special farms as per our directives.The fully grown spirulina is sun dried to enhance the taste and also to impart the special energy in it. United Nations acclaimed Spirulina as possibly “the best food for the future at the World Food Conference of 1974

To cause a global impact with the stalwart Spirulina food products of India.
To continuously produce supreme food products with the materials acquired from reliant producers assisted by technology and man power.
Why should you buy from Algabrew?
  • Providing the highest quality with zero tolerance.
  • Authentic Products
  • Prompt Delivery.
  • Constant upgradation.
  • Excellent customer support.