About Spirulina

Spirulina Benefits

Algabrew spirulina is grown and processed in a sterile and pollution free environment. Our products are carefully curated stringently following the guidelines of the guiculinary consultants and R&D. To produce  the best quality Spirulina, factors like humidity, solar irradiation and mineral content of water are maintained at the appropriate while processing. Our products are thoroughly quality checked by a domestic Quality Control Department (QCD) to assure the quality of the products when it reaches the customer.

Spirulina is a complete healthy and hygienic food supplement that can be added to large varieties of your favourite foods like salads, smoothies, juices or with any other food preparations and recipes. Spirulina, when added to any of the foods enhances the taste and enriches the food or snack effectively and makes the ordinary food, a super food. Algabrew manufacturers organic, 100% natural spirulina powder. Our Spirulina powders is 100% vegan, and non-genetically modified organism(GMO)  and has no additives.

Spirulina production

Spirulina is grown in tanks with a minimum of 1000 litres of water at a height of about one to two feet with exposure to sunlight. Essential nutrients are added as supplement to the water. Water in the tank is stirred to ensure absorption and the presence of sunlight boosts the process of photosynthesis under optimum conditions to manufacture the best natural spirulina. A large variety of plant-based nutrients are added to the water in the tank and so it is highly nutritional. In the production process, no animal by-product or inorganic substances are being added and so it has hardly any heavy metal content, making it a healthy food.


After the Spirulina completes full growth, it is collected carefully from the tanks. It is then thoroughly washed to remove dirt and impurities.


After cleaning the Spirulina is subjected to pressing to squeeze out the excess water in it.


The next process is to sun-dry the Spirulina to impart the special energy and to boost the natural flavor.

Dosage instructions:

Protein intake has no limitations. Algabrew Sprirulina is absolutely safe with no side-effects. Studies have revealed that an intake of 1-5 grams of spirulina per day can lead to significant health benefits.