Algabrew works with a noble intention of providing authentic and genuine Spirulina products to our customers across the globe. Subsequently Algabrew pays equal interest on sustainability – joining hands to maintain a greener and cleaner planet with a real concern for social welfare through its initiatives.

Implementing the eco-friendly practices in all the business processes sustains our surroundings thereby helps in creating a better life for all the living beings (humans, plants & animals) on our planet Earth. Spirulina is one of the most nutritious plants on Earth and Algabrew being a leading producer of Spirulina has the responsibility of following ethical practices as an agriculturalist in cultivation, growth, supplementing and production. With this kind of a social responsibility, Algabrew treats the farmers involved in the spirulina cultivation as its extended family supporting them socially and financially. This imbibes the responsibility of the farmers and they are motivated to create the best products in their farm, making this world a better place to live in.  

Algabrew is one of the chief Spirulina producers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India manufacturing Spirulina (Surul Pasi) Powder and Spirulina (Surul Pasi) Capsules sourced from the authentic farms, growing the finest of algae and optimum processing.

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