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Moringa Palm Jaggery Chikki 50g
Moringa Palm Jaggery Chikki 50g


Moringa Palm Jaggery Chikki 50g

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our moringa burfi…!!!!! 

Are you suffering from mood swings?????

Finding it hard to cope with it????

Do not worry…!!!!

Here is our Moringa burfi…!!!!

Our most favorite and best burfi variety is moringa burfi, rich in vitamins and minerals loaded with many health benefits brings health and taste together.

The moringa burfi has the flavors of peanuts, moringa, sweetened with palm jaggery combined through conventional methods. Has no preservatives or chemicals.

Moringa burfi share with you the benefits of fighting against bacterial disease, helps you get healthier bones, improve eye health Balance moods by treating depression anxiety and fatigue.

It also helps in controlling diabetes, Asthma and prevents us from being anemic.

As it treats mood swings and prevents us from being anemic t is a best snack for young girls and women during the menstruation.

Enjoy our moringa burfi and stay healthy....!!!!!

One moringa burfi a day helps you boost your health…!!!!