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Pirandai Peanut Chikki (Veldt Grape Palm Jaggery Chikki) 50g
Pirandai Peanut Chikki (Veldt Grape Palm Jaggery Chikki) 50g


Pirandai Peanut Chikki (Veldt Grape Palm Jaggery Chikki) 50g

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our Pirandai burfi…!!!!! 

Are you struggling in the eon of moving towards healthy eating habits??? Here is where you can start with….!!!!! Burfi king has come up with a new variety, incorporated with the wellness of power-packed plant Pirandai in its Pirandai burfi.

The Pirandai burfi of burfi king has an enriched traditional taste and flavors of peanuts, Palm jaggery, Pirandai (Veldt grape), ginger, and cardamom.

From improving digestion to heighten bone health, and insulating us from global threats like diabetes and heart disease, Pirandai burfi is one best healthy snacking alternatives. 

It helps pregnant women to have improved digestion, improved bone health, and relief from joint pain for the elderly, this also helps in bone development in infants.

The Pirandai burfi is rich in triterpenoids a component that is anti-diabetic and also has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties making it one of the best food for the adolescent and women to have hale and healthy skin also. 

The burfi being our ancestral snack we make it traditionally with no added preservatives, no artificial color, and zero liquid glucose. 

Get healthy bones, blooming skin, and improved digestion with our Pirandai burf…!!!!!